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“Uyen” is pronounced win.

It’s short for LeUyen Pham, the elusive artist whose name no one can pronounce. Uyen makes art. Lots of and lots of it. If you want to see some more of it, keep scrolling…

Travel Sketches

Uyen will drop anything to travel. She has been all over the world and usually forces her family to come with her. She has gotten lost in Africa near the Zambezi River. She has climbed the ruins of Angkor Wat. She has climbed the Great Wall of China and swam near the Great Barrier Reef. She hasn’t gotten to Antarctica and South America yet but she’s working on it. And of course, everywhere she goes, she sketches. Just click on a land to see her drawings.


Uyen has sold millions of books. Yup, MILLIONS. She’s illustrated well over one hundred books for kids, and YES she’s still alive. She’s won a few awards, INCLUDING the 2020 Caldecott Honor. She’s been a New York Times, Indies, and USA Today bestseller. Here are some of her titles:








You’d never know it to look at her, but Uyen is pretty good at designing characters. Some of these characters have been made into TV shows. Some of these characters have been made into musicals. And still others have been part of a bestselling series. And all them came from the imagination of Uyen. Select some characters below to find out more about them…

About the Artist

Uyen doesn’t care to share too much about herself. So here are the facts she feels are most important to know:

HOW TO PRONOUNCE LEUYEN. It sounds like Le Win. Or just Win. Sometimes even Winnie.

UYEN HAS: gotten lost in Africa (alone!), seen the Pope in person three times, ridden an elephant, swam with dolphins, been given an Erdos number of 1.5, created over 100 books for kids (yes, that’s right), worked with a Nobel Peace Prize winner, an Academy Award winner, G.W. Peck, That Girl, and a Beatle.

UYEN CAN: remove pits from cherries, bake tarts, draw monkeys, eat sushi, dance in her bathrobe when no one is looking, put her foot in her mouth (figuratively and literally), make Christmas cookies, count to ten in five languages

UYEN CAN’T: tread water, cook chicken, rub her eyes without making a face, say “no” when someone asks her a favor, pronounce the word “ladle”, take a serious picture, whistle

UYEN WOULD RATHER YOU NOT KNOW THIS, BUT OH WELL: she has cold feet all the time, falls asleep before the end of every movie, doesn’t like the bottom of her feet, OR the bump on her right middle finger, OR her belly button.

OH, and Uyen is very, very VERY difficult to draw.

Other than that, Uyen makes art in Los Angeles, California, with her amazingly talented artist husband Alexandre Puvilland, their ridiculously wonderful two sons Gilbert and Sullivan (just kidding, we’re not giving your their names, thank you very much). Wait, they have a cat too, named Sardine, and a gecko named Kumquat. Or is the other way around?


Uyen is not good on the phone. She’s even worse on email. If you can find her, she’s great to have coffee with. Overall, though, I’d recommend contacting her agent, who is much more likely to get back to you.

**SOMETIMES she Instagrams and Facebooks, but don’t quote me on that.

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